Working Remotely is a Win-win Scenario

Why are so many businesses allowing their employees to work remotely? Because it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved, as both sides benefit from remote work.

Increased productivity: Studies show that remote employees are actually more productive than their counterparts in the office. Remote workers have fewer distractions to deal with, are more comfortable, and are more inclined to work outside of normal business hours.

Improved morale: Eliminating commutes and incessant distractions lowers employee stress levels. Working from home also leads to better work-life balance, lower absenteeism, and reduced burnout rates.

More eco-friendly: Telecommuting naturally reduces pollution and fuel consumption by eliminating trips to and from the office, while working from home results in less electricity, paper, and plastic used than in the office.

Less costly: Happier, healthier employees lead to less turnover, which any business owner knows will save them the money it costs to hire and train new workers. Having fewer employees in the office also reduces overhead and operating costs through reduced monthly rent, utilities, and supply costs.