Professional Diplomacy: Talking Politics in the Office

Religion and politics have long been considered taboo topics in many settings, with the workplace being one of them. However, it’s getting increasingly more difficult to keep politics out of the office. In a 2018 survey by Zety, 83 percent of respondents admitted to having political discussions at work.

Statistics also show it’s wise to avoid these conversations in the office. According to a survey from Randstad USA, more than 40 percent of workers said they felt excluded at work because of their political views. In a similar survey by Robert Half, 15 percent of respondents said their productivity suffered as a result of talking politics at work. Finally, the American Psychological Association found that 24 percent of people avoid certain co-workers because of their political views.

These numbers make it clear there is a downside to talking politics in the office. You’re more likely to change the way someone thinks about you than his or her stance on a political issue.