Office Cleaning Tips to Boost Performance

1. Get Organized: The first thing to do is assign a place for everything. If you have drawers, label them according to what they will contain.  Use your common sense to organize your workspace so that all your items are close at hand and easy to find.

2. Prioritize your Tasks: Items and documents required for urgent work can be kept close at hand, while those that are not a priority can be sorted and filed away.

3. Sort Your Documents: Sort documents according to the task, project, urgency, or any other parameter that applies to your work.

4. Dump the Junk: Don’t be a packrat. Any stuff you don’t need and that you’ll never have any use for can be given away or donated to someone who needs them.

5. Practice Good Hygiene: Keep your workplace germ and dust-free and maintain good hygiene by using a spray and soft cloth to sanitize surfaces regularly.