How to Tell if Your Employees Are Happy

Here are a few ways to uncover the truth about employee satisfaction in your office.

1. Ask your employees to list a process or aspect of their job that they would like to eliminate in order to be more productive. This will help you discover areas of frustration and improve efficiency at the same time.

2. Ask your employees what they think of management. You will learn what is working and what’s not. This should be an anonymous survey to encourage honest feedback.
3. Ask your employees what they feel they need in order to do their best work. You’ll quickly learn whether they believe they have what they need to succeed. This may be your most important question.
4. Learn about your employees, and show a genuine interest in their lives. What’s new? What recognition have they received? Consider how you have shown your appreciation.
5. What kind of opportunities do your employees have at your company? A lack of growth patterns can often be the biggest reason why employees leave companies and seek out other opportunities to advance their careers.