Make the Most out of Millennials in the Workplace

Whatever your business, millennials are—or will soon be—part of your team. Some leaders, however, are confounded by the millennial mind. The prevailing wisdom is that entitlement is their most well-known characteristic. But, fear not! You can take advantage of millennials’ motivation and need for engagement. What may seem like challenges can be transformed into advantages. Here are a few ways to make the most out of the millennials on your team.

1. Affinity for technology

Millennials are the first digital natives. They see technology as not just a tool, but an integral part of their daily lives and relationships. They thrive when communicating freely and instantly with various platforms, each best-suited for a different purpose. Texting, social media, group chat, and mobile applications can all be excellent tools for improving communication within your workplace, whether that’s planning meetings, keeping up-to-the-minute customer relationship records, or collaborating on a project. With the millennial approach, you’ll have strong multi-channel communication that keeps everyone connected.

2. Desire for growth
Millennials’ strong desire for advancement and growth means that they’re primed to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities that make work more fulfilling. Keep your millennial team members engaged with education and leadership opportunities.  Professional development will help them improve their work while at the same time provide a sense of accomplishment and momentum. When the time is right, you’ll both be ready for millennials to transition into formal leadership positions.

3. Greater meaning

Millennials aren’t just looking for a job—they’re looking for a mission. Provide them a sense of purpose and they’ll be your company’s best advocates. Make sure they understand the company as a whole and what it stands for. This big-picture approach will help millennials connect their daily work to a deeper meaning and sense of purpose. Don’t forget to recognize contributions, and celebrate victories to show the impact of their work. Keep in mind that processes and rules need meaning, too—if they can connect to the deeper principles at work, they’ll be more likely to follow through.

Millennials can take your company to new heights—all you have to do is make the most of what makes them unique. If you’re communicating, coaching, and connecting with your millennial employees, you’re well on your way to building a team of passionate brand evangelists.