Always Be Closing: Common Sales Mistakes to Avoid

In sales, the saying goes ‘always be closing.’ Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to sabotage your own efforts by committing common mistakes that prevent you from closing a deal. Here are a few blunders to avoid for the sake of ‘ABC.’

Talking too much – Do you spend an inordinate amount of your sales calls talking rather than listening? Are your sales pitches presentations rather than conversations? It’s difficult to gather information or build relationships if your prospect never has a chance to speak. Be aware of your talk-to-listen ratio—the best sales reps talk less than their prospects during a sales call.

Being unprepared – There’s nothing worse than fielding a question during a sales call that you can’t answer. It’s tough to envision anyone being able to salvage a deal in that instance. Good salespeople are prepared for any question a prospect might ask through careful analysis of their company and its respective needs. Great salespeople have anticipated potential objections ahead of time, enabling them to preemptively bring them up first to diffuse them.

Not respecting your prospect’s time – Just like you, your prospect’s time is valuable. As such, be cognizant of that during your sales call. Show up at the agreed-upon time, if not earlier. Don’t beat around the bush…get to the point. Understand that your prospect is likely prepared for your meeting as well, and has researched your offering. Rather than wasting time by giving your company history, get to the heart of the matter and tell them why they need to buy what it is you are selling. Finally, don’t overstay your welcome.

Neglecting to follow up promptly – Research shows successful sales transactions require a number of follow-ups after the initial pitch, making it essential to follow up with a prospect. Don’t be afraid to do so, even if they haven’t responded to you, as they could be busy or out of town. It’s also important to be prompt with your follow up, while you and your pitch are still fresh in their mind. A great way to do so is with an email thanking them for their time and reminding them of what actions they should take next to move forward.

By avoiding common mistakes such as these during the sales process, you’ll increase the likelihood of converting prospects into clients.