Generational Marketing: Get Your Message Heard

How do you determine the right marketing approach? Start by learning about the four distinct generational groups that make up the majority of the marketplace.

Matures – Understanding the needs of this group and stating your solution to those needs will go further with Matures than razzle-dazzle approaches that include complex technological jargon.

Boomers – They want honesty. They are looking to your company to let them know what is truly needed, and then are usually happy to follow through with your suggestions. Boomers want to trust that you will “sort it out” for them with integrity.

Gen Xers – These customers want to know about innovation and latest technology. This group is also very social and they have friends and colleagues to whom they will praise (or criticize) you.

Millennials – Whatever you can do to make Millennials feel special will be a winning strategy. Money is not as important to this group as values and balance. They also depend on peer knowledge and recommendations via online social networks.