Maximize Fridays to Make Mondays a Breeze

Stop dreading Mondays. Why do they have such a bad reputation anyway? People grumble and complain about Mondays because their weekends have ended and the work week has just begun. But, what if there you could make your Mondays a little more enjoyable and less stressful?

Here are a few tips that will help you maximize your time at the end of each week so your Mondays are easier and more bearable.

Plan out your week ahead. This includes adding reminders to your calendar and taking care of the details so you are prepared and not anxious about your upcoming week.

Make plans to meet with people during the week. Plan a few things that you look forward to doing, whether it is mentor meetings or seeing new sales prospects. Keep it business related, but let it be the fun part of your business week. It may take some time to get responses, but when you come back in on Monday you’ll have something to look forward to.

Finish something big. This could be a major project or a task that is important and needs to be done. Commit and do it. You will feel lighter from having finished it and happy about your achievement.

Think about your workweek and make a few changes. Do you have habits that are dragging you down? Whether it is chatting with your co-workers too much or it’s drinking too much coffee, think about what makes you stressed and how you can handle it better. Make up a list of what you can do that is more energizing and positive. Keep the steps simple so you’ll do them and leave the list on your desk right where you can see it when you come in on Monday.

Work on something for your future that helps you move forward. Whether it is planning for the month, the rest of the year, or looking at your long-term goals. Assess your progress and decide how you want to move forward. It will keep you focused on the important things and help guide your decisions going forward.