One hour of free brain picking.

A Beatties design consultation starts with your goals. Then, together, we identify the layouts, products and manufacturers that will help you achieve them.

Future proof your design.

A Beatties design consultation helps you identify your needs and constraints so today's project works well tomorrow, too.

We can help you with

  • ergonomics
  • security
  • sustainability
  • efficiency

We can help you create environments that are

  • collaborative
  • "smart"
  • inspiring
  • private
  • allow for co-working
  • promote casual work

We can help you do more with less space.

After one hour, you'll be able to articulate your goals clearly and will have a good sense of your options for layout and product.

If you choose to have us put together a proposal for you after the free consultation, you'll receive a detailed report with specific layout options based on actual measurements, and specific recommendations for products and manufacturers.

Your first hour of consultation is free, no questions asked. If you move forward to the proposal stage, the hourly fee for putting together the proposal is waived if you go forward with Beatties for a project beyond a minimum size.