Hiring for Keeps: Finding and Retaining the Best Employees

As an employer, the first goal of recruitment and staffing is to identify the smartest, most versatile employees you can find. After that, your second goal when hiring should always be retention. If you go through the trouble of finding the best and the brightest for your business (and you always should), then you should also make diligent efforts to ensure they’ll stay with your company for the long haul.

Retaining your best employees starts with effective recruitment and staffing strategies.

Look for candidates in the right places: Use your network of current employees to get referrals for qualified candidates. If you already have the best people working for you, chances are they know others in the industry who are both skilled and reliable. If word-of-mouth leaves you empty handed, post the position on professional association websites, or call the career centers at local universities to see if they know any qualified candidates.

Hire people who are better than you: Admit it—you can’t be good at everything. So, during the interview process, pinpoint the unique strengths of each candidate that can take your business to the next level. It’s usually in your best interest to go with the candidate who brings the best skill set and the best attitude to the table. To ensure retention, be sure to compensate employees fairly for their unique skills and diligent efforts.

Make your employees feel valued: This one is IMPORTANT! When people feel appreciated, they go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. While you should expect exceptional effort on a regular basis, you should also understand that in order for your employees to want to stay with your company, you should treat them as valuable members of your team. Praise your employees for their efforts, treat them like human beings, and make them feel important.

Prioritize a work/life balance: Always remember that your employees are real people with real families and real lives. Have respect for your employees’ home lives and give them some flexibility if they need to take some time off for a family issue or special event. And don’t send your employees home every Friday with a stack of paperwork to complete. Respect that they deserve some time off to relax. This will make them better employees and will foster an enjoyable work environment that will keep them with your company for years to come!