6 Practical Ways to Motivate Your Team

Motivation is the difference between adequate and excellent. If you want your team to perform at their best, it’s critical to discover what motivates them—and bring more of that into their daily work. Consider the following practical approaches to create an environment of positivity and motivation for your team.

1. Create a pleasant work environment. We spend 1/3 of our day at work, so make sure that time is as pleasant as possible for your entire team. You want your employees to want to be there each day. Natural light, plants, background music, and tidiness all help create a positive workspace.

2. Encourage ownership and engagement. We all need to feel a sense of pride in and ownership of our work, so make sure your individuals contribute to the whole. Solicit feedback on processes, include them in planning, and give them a sense of control and creativity over projects. Make the work theirs.

3. Provide growth opportunities. No one dreams of a dead-end job, so provide dedicated time to learn new skills or network with fellow professionals. Your employees will have a sense of professional development and purpose.

4. Expect excellence… and don’t micromanage. Let your team know that not only do you expect high-quality work, but you trust and rely on them to produce it. It may be surprising to learn that individuals who are explicitly expected to perform better actually do perform better. Provide your team the tools they need to succeed and let them at it.

5. Celebrate successes. From sales goals to workflow improvements to employment anniversaries, recognize successes, large and small. Encourage team members to share their accomplishments and recognize each other’s good work. Regular, small acts of positive feedback are more powerful than a few irregular celebrations.

6. Pay them what they’re worth. Each team member should feel that their work is recognized and reflected in their compensation. Prevent resentment and dissatisfaction by showing your employees that their efforts are fairly rewarded.

Integrate these six methods into a holistic engagement approach and watch the performance and morale of your employees soar. You’ll be creating a positive environment that elevates your company to new levels of success and productivity.