COST-SAVINGS OPTIMIZATION Secure & simplify your print infrastructure

 Managed Print Services can help with cyber-threats, compliance, and secure document management.

How Managed Print can help

Beatties Managed Print Services Security Optimization will enhance the security of your print and document management systems in these key areas: 

Secure Digital & Print Documents

Beatties will provide alerts when sensitive data is accessed, control which users can access documents and more. 

We Keep Your Network Updated

We’ll ensure  your devices have all the latest security updates through our automated monitoring and remediation system.

Detect Malware & Cyberattacks

Our advanced systems will detect attacks on your system and prevent data from being accessed.

Ready for more secure print infrastructure?

Our security secret weapons

Beatties Managed Print improves security by utilizing three key solutions. Discover the tools that we'll use to transform your print experience.


Enhance security by controlling user access to sensitive data, providing real time alerts and defining what can be shared across your print network.

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We use real time data and analytics to identify security vulnerabilities and fix them before they cause problems. 

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Never run out of paper, ink or toner again! We'll handle everything with an automated system that always orders exactly what you need.

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