ABOUT Our Promise

Our Mission. Our Vision. Our Values.

Our Mission

Beatties Business Products will be the leader in customer satisfaction and be recognized for quality products, innovative solutions and responsive service.

Our Vision

Provide a positive customer experience every time.

Our Values

We put relationships first.

We aren’t in this to sell cheap pens. We want to provide everything for your office—advice, products and services —today, tomorrow and for years to come. That means forming strong relationships with our customers, suppliers and each other.

We know our stuff.

Some of our people have spent decades immersing ourselves in one area of our business. But part of being knowledgeable is knowing what we don’t know. If we don’t have the answer, we know where to find it.

We visit our customers.

Your business is our business. We take the time to get to know you, your company culture and pain points, no matter how big you are.

We fix what we sell.

All stuff breaks. When our stuff breaks, it can be fixed, not just thrown away. Better yet, we do the fixing, so you have one familiar point of contact.

We say ‘yes’ to a challenge.

From high stakes contracts to speedy special orders, when there’s a need we answer the call. We’re careful not to over-promise, but if our customers say “jump,” count on us to think like kangaroos.

We invest in our people.

People are what makes us great. We provide our people with the training, leadership opportunities and supportive company culture to be their best at work—so our clients can be the best at theirs.

We love the little guy.

We have a real soft spot for small and medium-sized businesses. After all, we are one. We understand your challenges and know how you think, because we have the same can-do, need-it-now, make-it-happen attitude as you do.

We give back to the community.

We Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, paint our moustaches blue for Movember, get ear infections from the office dunk tank and raise money for dozens of causes that matter, from schools to food banks, because we make it our business to give back.

We look after the planet.

We’re one of only three office supply companies in Canada with ISO14001 environmental certification. Customers love our in-store green programs.

We buy North American.

We’re proud to be a Canadian owned company that has long-standing relationships with North American suppliers.

We know the value of a dollar.

Our prices often beat the big box competition and when they don’t we’ll price match. But our customers know value goes beyond dollars and cents to high quality products, responsive service and smart problem solving.