PRINT AUDITING Optimize, manage and maintain the fleet for maximum savings.

The most important part of managed print services is print auditing. At Beatties, we define print auditing as the active management of your print environment from continuous monitoring. We actively analyze your print environment from supplies’ and machines’ usage to workflows and security processes. The result is the opportunity to optimize your print infrastructure with increased savings, security, and sustainability.

We are your trusted Chief Printing Officer (CPO)

With print auditing from Beatties, you can control the cost of printer or copied output, enhance the security of sensitive documents, and reduce document waste with greener solutions. Beatties partners with leading brands like HP, Canon, and RISO to offer their expert services to assess and control your print infrastructure.

Printing costs & efficiencies audits

We routinely help our customers save more than 25 percent on their print costs by collecting data on how much is being printed and on what devices. We then use that information to optimize, manage and maintain the print fleet for maximum savings.

Office productivity audits

As your trusted printing partner, we make recommendations to improve your productivity so that you can be your best at work. If we notice you require certain capabilities to run your business more efficiently, then we have those conversations with you.

Printer security audits

Our knowledge of printer security pitfalls and fixes can help you avoid printer security issues caused by vulnerabilities in your devices and the networks they connect to.

Sustainability / Green audits

We are ISO 14001 certified and can help you identify areas of waste and implement greener and more efficient solutions. State-of-the-art printing technology uses less energy than older printers, and intelligent fleet management reduces paper, ink, and toner use. So, you can protect your pockets and the environment.

Most document costs are not in the infrastructure and management of printing devices, but rather in how people manage, share and store documents within organizations, as well as between organizations and their customers and suppliers.

–Marisol Omand, HP Partner Marketing Manager

Learn about the cost-benefit advantage of managed print services from Marisol Omand.

Print Audit Solutions

Beatties takes a consultative approach to managed print services, and we come up with a solution that is aligned with your business needs and objectives. The first component of managed print is the print audit and is built into our free 90-day MPS trial. See the numbers and get ready to save money, enhance your printer security and increase efficiency.

Is your printer trying to tell you something?

Modern offices require modern printing solutions. How can you improve your print management processes? Our short quiz can help you find out.