DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Save, access and manage your documents securely.

Whether you're collaborating with vendors, customers or each other or using different devices to access documents in the office, custom workflows can easily be created to help your company work efficiently. Beatties can recommend a document management system to help you save, access, and manage your documents securely.

Less paper, more functionality

Capture, track, and securely store all your content in one place with a document management system. Beatties can offer a tailored solution for your business to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems so that you can save time and money and benefit from increased productivity.

Paper storage requires significant space and poses security and legal risks. With a document management system, you can integrate documents for increased control, access, and process efficiency.

Capture information

Paper and electronic documents can be easily captured and stored in one central location. Quickly retrieve information through indexing features and identify the latest documents with version control.

Access & print from anywhere

Users can view, access, edit, save, and print documents on the go using mobile apps, a web browser, and an offline function.

Remote signature software

Our software encrypts and secures shared documents, is accessible across all devices and operating systems, tracks and notifies users when actions are required, defines roles and permissions, and more.

Process & workflow automation

Our printer supply management resource monitors your printer fleet and automates the ordering process so you never have to run out of ink, toner and other printer supplies that can affect productivity.

Is your printer trying to tell you something?

Our simple 8-question quiz can help determine your printer's shortfalls and help with next steps in making your print management process efficient as possible.

Our preferred document management solution

Therefore™ Information Management Software

Achieve optimal performance by applying flexible and intuitive information management. Obtain complete control over your information, protect yourself from data security breaches, gain visibility into your operations, and boost overall productivity.

How much are your printers and document management processes costing your business?

Get document management recommendations to increase efficiency, maximize security and reduce costs.