SUSTAINABILITY OPTIMIZATION Going green is good for business

Managed Printed Services can help you reach your sustainability goals. 

How Managed Print can help

Beatties Managed Print Services Sustainability Optimization can help you improve sustainable practices in these key areas: 

Follow international best practices

As an ISO 14001 certified organization, we follow the most rigorous best practices for boosting sustainability.

Reduce Energy

Our monitoring systems will identify the printing equipment that uses the most energy, so it can be replaced with more efficient,  cutting-edge alternatives.

Reduce Waste

Use intelligent fleet management to reduce paper, ink and toner use. Save money on supplies while you help the environment! 

Ready to take your sustainability to the next level?

Our sustainability super powers

Beatties Managed Print improves sustainability by utilizing three key solutions. Discover the tools that we'll use to transform your print experience.


Reduce paper use with a tailored document management solution that saves on waste and energy. 

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We use real time data and analytics to reduce energy and waste, and deliver ongoing optimizations. 

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With real-time monitoring and automated ordering, we will help reduce wasted ink, toner and paper. 

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