Why All Businesses Benefit from Managed Print Services

While we continue to await the arrival of the paperless office, printed documents remain an integral part of workflows in most companies. In fact, depending on who you ask, office printing volumes are not only failing to decline sharply but are actually increasing in certain vertical markets. With our continued reliance on printers in our business processes, it’s no wonder outsourcing the management of our print fleets through Managed Print Services (MPS) is so popular. MPS offers valuable benefits to businesses of any size in any industry, including:

Improved efficiency – Odds are, your workflows are being adversely impacted by inefficient devices that are incapable of handling your workload or meeting your needs. A thorough assessment of your print fleet and business processes by your MPS partner will detect weak links in your operation, so they can be replaced with the right device(s) for the job and distributed properly throughout your workplace.

Lower costs – By consolidating your printers and eliminating obsolete, inefficient, or unreliable devices, your company will streamline its print fleet and save money through subtraction. Combine that with reduced print volumes and predictable monthly billing, and MPS enables you to control your printing costs.

Reduced downtime – Your employees aren’t trained service technicians, and they do not have the time or expertise to keep your printers up and running. By outsourcing the management of your printing environment to a team of professionals, you’ll also benefit from proactive monitoring, preventive maintenance, and auto-supply replenishment that will ensure your devices are always up for the challenge and your workflows don’t grind to an unexpected halt.

Better security – Companies across all industries work with confidential data that needs to be protected. However, one vulnerability that is rarely considered is a networked printer. Your MPS provider will help you protect sensitive information through measures such as regular firmware updates, encryption, and pull or follow-me printing, not to mention wiping printer hard drives at the end of your lease.

Increased sustainability – Corporate stewardship has become a priority for many businesses, and your printing practices are a great place to start greening your workplace. MPS enables you to identify usage patterns and print volumes through print monitoring software to eliminate wasteful printing and lower overall print volumes via rules-based printing, as well as replace energy-inefficient devices with more eco-friendly models.

If your business isn’t taking advantage of the benefits provided by an MPS solution, contact us today to schedule a free initial assessment of your print environment.