Is Your Company Recycling Its Print Cartridges?

If your office is like most, when an empty ink or toner cartridge is pulled from your printer, it ends up in the trash without a second thought. Recently, however, it’s become more commonplace for businesses to ride the green wave of environmental stewardship and take strides to reduce their ecological footprint. These efforts include recycling used print cartridges rather than disposing of them along with other waste.

Recycling your used ink cartridges is far better for the environment than sending them to landfills. Besides the obvious—minimizing landfill waste—recycling cartridges is a more eco-friendly option for a number of reasons, including:
• saving energy used to produce new ones
• minimizing contributions to greenhouse gas emissions
• reducing the extraction of non-renewable resources
• decreasing your contributions to air and water pollution
• minimizing raw materials used to produce other products

Recycling is easy with Beatties. When you replace the ink and toner in your printer put the old cartridge in the box from the new one. It is helpful to right “used” on the box with black marker. When our delivery driver brings your next office supply order simply let the driver know that you have used cartridges to be recycled. Our driver will be happy to take them.