Data Security Update: What You Need to Know

Recently, there has been some concern in the business world regarding the security of data captured on the hard drives of digital copiers, scanners and MFPs. Much of this concern stemmed from a 2010 report by CBS Evening News that featured a story about the potential data security risks of office copy machines.

The report outlined that many digital copiers capture and store information on an internal hard drive, much like a laptop or personal computer saves data. This becomes a security issue when these machines are sold, replaced or when a machine’s lease expires, because no business owner wants to risk sharing confidential or proprietary information with others. Also, no employee wants to see their personal information leaked to identity thieves.

HERE’S THE BOTTOM LINE: While it’s possible that the information on your copiers and MFPs could remain on your machines after they leave your office, it’s unlikely that your information will be extracted and used for malicious purposes. So, don’t waste valuable time and energy worrying about a data security breach. Instead, contact us to learn more about our data security solutions, and eliminate the threat of data security leaks altogether. We will ensure that your data is secure and protected at all times.