Office furniture inspiration | 28 images of beautiful office interiors

Inspiring workspaces

Turn your blank canvas into a work of art or add some calm to a cluttered space with these ideas.

New office furniture can bring a space to life, whether you’re starting with a blank canvas or you’re looking to add a pop or two of colour (and maybe a new layout) to an existing office setup. An office furniture project can boost morale, build your brand and increase productivity. Use the images below for some office furniture inspiration, then make your dreams attainable for your situation by working with the right office furniture partner!

This light-filled space gives each workspace a view. Office furniture inspiration: putting informal collaboration areas on a lower level Workstations in the open concept office are given privacy by floor to-ceiling partition walls that are lit from above This open concept office gives both a feeling of privacy and light. Office furniture inspiration: the workstations are easily reconfigured for a new team setup by rolling the file cabinet to the new location. Open concept office with natural wood beams and swinging boardroom doors This open concept office is filled with natural wood and light. Office furniture inspiration: The boardroom can be open concept or closed for privacy by shutting one or more pivoting doors. Brightly coloured geometric wall-to-wall carpeting in a well-lit modern office design The bold colour combination and hard geometry of this office is softened by carpeting. Office furniture inspiration: fully carpeted floors dampen sound and the patterns emphasizes flow. A long wall of bright modern workstations look out on floor to ceiling glass windows Carpet squares direct traffic and visually separate workstations from informal lounge areas and the ceiling is used for an inspirational message. Office furniture inspiration: padded filing cabinets double as seating for workstation collaboration Large multi-coloured plush lounge seating arranged in a rectangle in a large open concept office The multi-coloured plush seating invites creative collaboration. Office furniture inspiration: Furniture is arranged in a rectangle to encourage group conversations but individual seats are large enough to give people private space if they desire. Large open concept office with many white workstations and neon yellow paint accents Economical office design packs a lot of freshness into a large space. Office furniture inspiration: the minimalist aesthetic means work stations are lower cost and higher impact. Open concept work stations with desks, case goods and modern purple privacy partitions This bright, open office design emphasizes privacy without sacrificing flow. Office furniture inspiration: Privacy panels become beautiful architectural features that can be added or removed as needed. Bright open modern office space with graduated glass walls for privacy Bright office space is designed to maximize glass. Office furniture inspiration: the colour on the glass walls intensifies toward the floor, where privacy is needed most. Office lounge or meeting area fully enclosed in glass in open concept office design Digital Ocean’s 10,000 sq ft Manhattan office renovation. Office furniture inspiration: informal lounge and private meeting areas have been structured as freestanding pods in the open concept office space to maximize privacy and light. Open concept office with soaring ceilings offers both private and collaboration work spaces. Office furniture inspiration: cubicles, workstations and lounge areas can be easily reconfigured to respond to changing business needs. Large open-concept light-filled lounge area with chairs, tables and lounge seating Bringing in wood tones and flashes of colours can make your office space feel approachable as well as dynamic.
When thinking outside-the-box, it’s always good to mix playfulness and practicality. This meeting room wall made of giant building blocks, that double as seats, quickly turns a private space into an auditorium for the whole office.
Bring in light earth tones, and wood patterns bring a sense of calm to a hectic financial office space.
Finding some privacy in an open-plan office can be tough. The solution could be solved by simply adding some stylish booths to common areas.
Using modern style office furniture can compliment an older office space