Office Productivity Killers and How to Combat Them

Here are some of the most common office pitfalls and ways to overcome them for the sake of productivity.

Unproductive or unnecessary meetings – A survey by Upwork revealed 70 percent of professionals spend about a day each week in meetings. Before scheduling a meeting, ask yourself whether or not it is actually necessary.

Incessant emails – The Radicati Group estimates the average professional will send and receive a total of 125 emails a day in 2018. Closing your email program and checking your inbox at regularly scheduled times will mitigate disruptions.

Multitasking – According to a study by psychologists, only 2 percent of employees are truly capable of effective multi-tasking, while juggling tasks cuts productivity by up to 40 percent.

Strict office hours – Not every employee is productive at the same time of the day. A flexible schedule allows staff members to harness their full potential by getting their work done at times they’re operating optimally.