Office Technology: Should You Buy or Lease?

Should you buy or lease your next printer? Which option makes more sense for your company comes down to a number of factors.

Purchasing a new printer outright requires a significant capital investment up front that many small businesses are not in a position to make. However, by doing so you’ll realize lower yearly costs compared to leasing when you factor in interest and finance charges, as well as be free of debt and monthly lease payments. That said, when you own a printer any maintenance issues are your responsibility unless you have a warranty or sign up for a maintenance plan upon purchase.

Many small- to medium-sized businesses opt instead to lease their office technology devices because of the low up-front costs. They may lack the capital or credit history to purchase a printer, but a lease enables them to have access to these devices at an affordable monthly rate that provides cash flow flexibility. Leasing also eliminates service hassles, as the maintenance of your device will be the responsibility of the lessor. Leasing also prevents you from being stuck with outdated technology or a device that no longer meets your needs.

Contact us today, and we’ll thoroughly walk you through both options to help simplify your decision making.