Turn Clients Into Advocates through Online Reviews

Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful forms of advertising at the disposal of small businesses. Online reviews serve as digital ‘word-of-mouth,’ providing customers a way of passing along their opinion of a business to a vast amount of prospective new clients. Being proactive and asking your clients to leave a review for your business is an excellent way to develop and shape a positive online reputation.

The easiest way to have customers review your business is by simply asking them. Employees that interact with clients can encourage those they have good relationships with to do them a solid and leave a review. In most instances, a satisfied client that enjoys working with you will be happy to do so.

While your customers may be thrilled with your products or services and love doing business with you, leaving a positive review takes time. As anyone in business knows, time is money. A great way to increase the likelihood of a review is to reward people for their time by providing incentives. A $10 Starbucks gift card or a discount on their next purchase will help grease the wheels.

Online reviews are an effective way to turn clients into advocates of your business. Be proactive and encourage customers to share their positive experience and help you create digital word-of-mouth.