MANAGED PRINT PROJECT Long-Haul Benefits for Carrier Truck Centres


Carrier Truck Centres

When you’re running a business based around truck sales, leasing and rentals, there is lots of paperwork involved. Having an out of date printer and copier fleet has a significant impact on business.

With offices from Brantford to Windsor, having an in-house team to manage and care for all printers was too complex and time-consuming for carrier to handle in-house. Carrier needed a strategy that would keep printers up-to-date, while also minimizing overhead costs.


Replacing printer and copier fleet, ongoing service and maintenance with Beatties Managed Print Services.


Since Carrier became a Beatties customer, they’ve had their fleet of copiers and printers fully upgraded 3 times. With each upgrade Carrier was able to significantly improve their system’s security, productivity and cost/sustainability standards.

Carrier originally became a Beatties customer in 2013. At that time, their fleet was fully-upgraded to best-in-class Samsung copiers in printers.

In 2018, Carrier's initial lease term ended, and they were able to upgrade their entire fleet to 1st generation HP printers upon renewal. This allowed carrier to enjoy enhanced security and productivity from their print infrastructure without the complexity and upfront cost of owning.

In 2023, Carrier's second lease term came to a close. This time they were able to update their entire fleet to HP 2nd generation printers. Again, this allowed Carrier to cost-effectively get their fleet up-to-date in a rapid timeframe.

Perhaps the greatest benefit is the enhanced security of each new generation of printers. In this way, regular upgrades have helped Carrier to keep their clients' personal information as safe as possible at all times.

Throughout this entire period, Carrier appreciated the high level of attentiveness and quality service they received from Beatties.

HP Color LaserJet Managed MFP E800 & E700 Series 2

"The Beatties team has always been very easy to deal with. They have always kept us well informed as to delivery dates and what is required from us to implement new hardware."

-Martin Vreugdenhil, IT System Administrator at Carrier Truck Centers


Carrier also appreciates the value-added by Beatties' Managed Print offering. With Managed Print, Carrier enjoys  ngoing service and support they can rely on. It’s as if Carrier has a dedicated IT person to oversee their entire print infrastructure, at a fraction of the cost of having an in-house staff member to fill the role.

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