Get a free office space consultation

A Beatties free office space planning and design consultation starts with your goals. Then, together, we identify the office layout designs, office furniture products and manufacturers that will help you achieve those goals for your office today-and tomorrow. If you're looking for office space plans, we're here to help.

We'll help you:
  • Identify your challenges with the space.

    Your free office design consultation starts here. What drives employees and visitors crazy? How is it affecting morale and productivity?

  • Determine your project goals.

    What are your priorities for the office layout and design? How will success of the project be measured? What do you need to address (e.g. ergonomics, workplace collaboration, privacy, accommodating more people)? 

  • Establish project limitations

    What can't you do? For example, are there clauses in your lease that forbid particular changes? Have you been given explicit no-go-zones by your boss? Do you need to reuse key pieces of office furniture?

  • Balance goals with budget

    How can you get what you're looking for within the budget you've been given?

  • Select the right office furniture

    Which items do you need? What are the best manufacturers for your project? What style will work best?

  • Explore office layout and design options

    We'll help you with your workspace planning. What are the optimal locations for people and equipment? Where can you create spaces to accomplish your goals?

We can't wait to help you get started.