Office Move Checklist:
Hit your milestones and keep everyone happy

A step-by-step guide for the smoothest office move.

Use this checklist to plan and coordinate your office move and you'll be the darling of your bosses. You might just find you're making a move of your own-up the corporate ladder!

This checklist includes everything you’ll need to consider for your office relocation. Whether you’re downsizing to trim costs or upsizing to expand, you’ll want to aim for minimal disruption during the move.

If you’re simply reconfiguring within the same location, you’ll still find it helpful - in fact; you may find several items you hadn’t considered since the tendency is to assume a move within the same building will be straightforward.

If you are still on the fence with your office plans, consider taking our online quiz for some guidance! We have also put together 48 factors to consider when choosing a new office space to help you in your relocation process.

Relocating office checklist cover


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