Test drive a new chair. For free.

If your current office chair is a pain in the back, our free five-day chair trial should make you sit up and take notice. First, we help you find a chair that meets your needs on 9 different ergonomic criteria, from arm height to seat depth. Next, we let you take that chair for a no obligation test drive at your workplace. We'll have you sitting pretty in no time. Promise.

3 easy steps to a chair you'll love.

#1. Choose. After a quick chat about your needs, we'll deliver a selection of chairs to your office for you to choose from. Or you can come to our retail store in St. Catharines for both the chat and the choosing. (Can't decide? Test drive two!)

#2. Test. Put your new chair through its paces for five days.

#3. Decide. If your new chair didn't pass the test, we'll start back at #1, using what we learned with the first chair to help us find one that you'll really want to put your back into.

Three steps. Five days. No obligation. We got this.