Office renos and retrofits

Whether you're renovating or retrofitting an existing office, Beatties is your trusted office furniture project partner.

We love a good facelift!

Our furniture experts work collaboratively with you to plan and create your optimal work environment. From a replacement workstation to inspiring your total office redesign, we'll help bring your vision to life while meeting all of your business needs.

Create a productive space

Create spaces that adapt to your team and promote productivity with our extensive range of project services and selection from the most respected brands in office furnishings.

Get started with our guide to help get you organized.

If you're curious about our process, we follow these nine steps for project success.


Our furniture specialist and designer help you determine the who, what, where, when, why, and how of your project. What is the project vision? What is the budget? Who needs to be involved? What are the project milestones? What office furniture supplier is the best fit?


Based on the consultation, we put together a computer-assisted drawing of your new space so you can see the layout of workstations, lounge areas, meeting rooms and more.


Choose furniture, fabrics, finishes and other items to complete the project. Showroom tours make it easy to decide. We make the process fun, not overwhelming. 


View a 3D colour rendering of your office renovation so you can experience the design, offer feedback, and we can make the necessary refinements.


Sign off on the design and quote, and we submit the order for you. We maintain an open line of communication with the furniture supplier and any contractors involved in the project, such as painters or flooring installers.


We take apart your existing office furniture and donate or discard it for you.


We deliver your furniture and install it for you, minimizing interruption to your people and processes. Your furniture specialist is in constant contact with you through installation and move-in.


We address any issues and accommodate any requests. If any specialty equipment has been installed, such as ergonomic accessories, we'll ensure your team members know how to use them properly.



We're there for you long after move-in day, helping with product warranties, service, and add-ons or modifications.

Let us be your office partner!

Our reno success stories

From the Town of West Lincoln to CAA Niagara Office Redesign, our case studies show how Beatties helped organizations complete their office renovations with minimum stress and maximum kudos.

CAA Niagara Office Redesign Case Study

CAA Niagara Office Redesign Case Study

New Municipal Office Redesign Tick All the Boxes

New Municipal Office Redesign Ticks Boxes