Laugh It Up at Work—It’s a Good Thing

While the office should be a serious environment, laughter has a positive impact on the workplace. Here are some of the reasons why businesses benefit from employees laughing:

• Laughter relieves stress and anxiety by reducing levels of stress hormones, increasing the efficacy of employees and decreasing absenteeism.
• Laughing improves problem-solving skills. When we laugh, serotonin is released in our brain, increasing focus and objectivity.
• Laughter lifts our spirits and improves our mood. The act of laughing releases endorphins, which makes us happy.
• Studies show laughing boosts creativity. Laughter makes us more relaxed and willing to think outside of the box, while less likely to self-censor our ideas.
• Laughter increases engagement by making the workplace light, fun, and positive. An upbeat environment will result in greater employee loyalty.
• Laughter is beneficial to team building. Being relaxed helps facilitate camaraderie and team interaction.

When it comes to improving employee productivity and the overall environment of your workplace, laughter may be the best medicine.