Making Tedious Tasks More Tolerable

Even when you enjoy what you do for a living, every job has aspects that are boring, monotonous, and mundane. Changing your perspective toward these chores will help make tackling them less painful. Consider the following mantras…

“What I am doing is necessary.” Accepting that your least favorite task is critical to getting the job done can take the sting out of even the most uninteresting of work. Regardless of whether you’re despondent or delighted, the workload is the same. While it may seem unimportant, if it wasn’t necessary you probably wouldn’t be asked to waste your time on it.

“Let’s keep this short but sweet.” You don’t have to eat a sandwich in one bite, especially if it’s not your favorite variety. Break up unpleasant tasks into smaller segments. Rather than accomplishing the whole job in say two hours, break it up into more palatable 30-minute segments interrupted by time spent on less monotonous work.

“For my listening pleasure…” Add some accompaniment to your most tedious responsibilities by listening to music, a podcast, or an audiobook while you do them. Having some enjoyment while accomplishing a boring task will turn a negative into a positive.