Choose the Right Bankers Box for the Job

Bankers Boxes
Different boxes have different purposes. Knowing which Bankers Box storage box to select, requires understanding your storage needs from type and strength, to size and assembly.

· String & Button boxes offer maximum security and reliable closure, even when the box is overturned.
· Lift-off Lid boxes allow easy access to records. Look for locking lids to securely store your files.
· Attached Flip-Top Lid Boxes prevent lost or damaged lids.
· Specialty Boxes provide specialized storage solutions for unique document sizes

· Frequent access, heavy-duty boxes hold up under heavy use and can be stacked higher.
· Occasional access, medium-duty boxes hold up under moderate use and moderate stacking.
· Infrequent access, basic-duty boxes are suitable for basic use and lower stacking.

· Letter/legal boxes easily carry and accommodate both letter and legal size paper.
· Letter size boxes are perfect for high capacity letter size paper storage.
· Legal size boxes are 3” wider than letter boxes and accommodate legal document storage.

· Presto™ instant assembly – sets up to 5 times faster than basic assembly boxes
· FastFold® quick and easy assembly – sets up to 4 times faster than basic assembly boxes