Body Language Basics

When your body is doing the talking in the office, why not make sure it is saying all the right things?

Eyeball It – Making and maintaining eye contact expresses so many things that come across as positive in business, from honesty, trustworthiness, and confidence, to showing that you are paying attention.

Posture Counts – How you carry yourself is one of the first things people notice, and poor posture can express disinterest, intimidation, or a lack of energy.

Open Up – Regardless of whether you are sitting or standing, folding your arms across your chest is considered a closed, uninterested position, indicating that you are shutting others out.

Face the Music – No part of your body says more non-verbally than your face, and its expressions – think forced smiles, shaking of the head, scowling, frowns, flared nostrils, pursed lips, etc. Your face can show your hand in a myriad of different ways, even when you are trying to keep those emotions to yourself.