Simple Tips to Simplify Everything

It’s easy to get overwhelmed these days more than ever. We live in the age of information overload, where communication processes have sped up, making it easier to get inundated and confused. After sitting in your car in traffic or dealing with never-ending email threads, you can become frustrated and lose perspective on what is most important. Here are a few simple tips to help simplify your life, so that you can be more productive at work and happier in life.

1. Have Purpose: Before you dive into your list of “to do’s,” spend some time focusing on your goals. Determine what’s important to you in terms of your career, your family, and your values, so that you can create a system of prioritizing that matches your vision.

2. Differentiate Musts from Wants: Figure out what your “must” tasks are and what your “want” tasks are. “Musts” are things that have to be done, and “wants” take a back seat on the priority list. Create your schedule so you can accomplish your “must” tasks first, but also schedule in time for “want” tasks to balance things out.

3. Eliminate Clutter: Clutter leads to confusion, and it comes in many forms. It can consist of anything from paper and media you have accumulated, to material goods, and even mental clutter. When things pile up and are left overlooked, it is nearly impossible to have a life of simplicity and clarity. Eliminate clutter as much as possible and keep things simple.

4. Simplify Your Workday: Now that you have identified what is most important, keep your workday productive and positive by focusing and identifying three or four key tasks to accomplish each day.