VoIP: Bringing Convenience and Cost-effectiveness to Businesses Everywhere

Businesses across the world continue to rely on traditional telephony services as a part of their daily operations, despite the proliferation of cellular phones and other communication technology available to us today. However, what has changed over the years is how this service is delivered to many organizations. Rather than relying on an analog signal over traditional landlines with copper wires, businesses are increasingly utilizing digital signals transmitted over the internet through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Switching from landline-based phone services via the phone company to VoIP provides a number of benefits that so many companies are finding difficult to resist. Here are some of the reasons to make the switch to VoIP.

Lower costs – Perhaps the most significant benefit of VoIP and the reason businesses primarily switch to this technology is its price tag. VoIP offers considerable cost savings over landline telephone service. Unlike traditional phone service, there’s no expensive equipment required for VoIP, which reduces your hardware and setup investment. Your monthly rate will also be lower, as you’re using your existing internet connection for your service, not paying for lines. Since you’re using the internet for your calls, technically every call you make will be a local call, so you’ll save on long-distance calls. Finally, your VoIP subscription will come standard with many features you have to pay extra for from a landline provider.

Easy scalability – Businesses evolve over time, growing and expanding in size. With VoIP service, adding features or extra lines to accommodate this growth is much easier than doing so with a landline. Whether it’s adding more lines for new employees or new locations, there’s no need for new cumbersome landline additions. Instead, you just need the phone and your internet connection to set up new lines, so your phone system can easily grow along with your business.

Expanded features – VoIP phone systems offer numerous advanced features that you’d pay significantly more for with landline phone service, and some not available through traditional telephony. VoIP provides you with access to features such as voicemail and fax to email, auto attendants (or virtual assistants), audio and video conferencing, mobile phone applications, and more. Depending on the provider you partner with, some of these features come standard with VoIP service.

Improved mobility – Mobility has become all the rage for businesses and professionals alike, as it provides us with the ability to work from anywhere. This has become a necessity due to changes in our culture and our attitudes. With VoIP, phone numbers aren’t tethered to a single phone or location. This facilitates increased mobility by allowing workers to make and receive calls to a specific number from any mobile device, no matter where they happen to be. As long as you have an internet connection, you don’t have to worry about missing a call.

With factors such as these, it’s easy to see why so many organizations have moved beyond traditional landline telephone service and have made the switch to VoIP.